Official Manual of Surveying Instructions

Official Manual of Surveying Instructions

This file is the Manual of Surveying Instructions for the Survey of the Public Lands of the United States. The official Manual of Surveying Instructions describes how surveys of the public lands are made in conformance to statutory law and its judicial interpretation helping reduce the number of incorrect surveys that are made in the […]

How Are Magnetic Locators Applied in Surveying?

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We’ve all seen or heard of people buying metal detectors to scan their backyard or the beach looking for some sort of precious metals hidden underground.  While this may not seem very relevant when it comes to surveying, the use of magnetic locators draws some parallels as they are similar devices.  How are magnetic locators […]

What are the different types of Surveying and what equipment do you need for it?

While you may be aware of what land surveying is, what you may be unaware of is all the different types of land surveying that there is.  Knowing the differences between each type of survey job is essential as different equipment is prevalent in some jobs more than others.  The variety of different surveys is […]

What are 3D Laser Scanners?

When most people think of surveying, instruments such as total stations and GNSS receivers usually pop into mind.  However, one of the quickest and most accurate types of instrument that some may not know about are 3D laser scanners.  With 3D laser scanners, certain surveying jobs can be finished far quicker and with better efficiency. […]

How The GeoMax Zoom95 Robotic Total Station Can Improve Your Work Life

GeoMax offers a robotic total station portfolio that covers the different needs of the users. Combined with X-PAD Ultimate and field controllers, GeoMax provides an outstanding solution for all your work in the field and the office. The robotic total stations leave the choice to work with two people and the onboard software, or a […]

How To Use a Robotic Total Station

After you have purchased a robotic total station, you may be confused on how to set up or use it.  If that is the case, we will go over some of the steps to get your robotic total station setup and ready to survey Setting up the total station on a tripod The first step […]