GeoMax offers a robotic total station portfolio that covers the different needs of the users. Combined with X-PAD Ultimate and field controllers, GeoMax provides an outstanding solution for all your work in the field and the office. The robotic total stations leave the choice to work with two people and the onboard software, or a single surveyor with a field controller of choice or a phone.

The GeoMax Zoom 95 Robotic Total Station offers a robust amount of features that will not only make your work life easier, but it will allow you to work much faster as well. When you are able to work faster with one of these Zoom95 robotic total station’s, then you will be able to work more efficiently in turn making you more money. The investment may seem kind of hefty, but with the variety of diverse jobs you can do with a GeoMax Zoom95 it definitely pays off in the long run.

What Makes The Zoom95 Different?

The Zoom 95 standard internal Bluetooth range appears to be 7 times further than the Zoom90. The Zoom95 is also different because it has become the more modern robotic on the market. With its much wider display (about 0.3 times bigger than the Zoom90 display), it reduces the number of keys from the Zoom90 which was 35 keys to now just only 25 keys. Additional ports were added to the GeoMax Zoom95 allowing it to have a wider range of capabilities. With hardware and software always being a priority as technology advances, the Zoom95 has an updated operating system which has been said by many users to be much faster and less buggy.

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