The Dunham & Morrow is one of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art Magnetic Locators you will ever find. This magnetic locator is highly reliable and user-friendly. It was built rugged enough to make sure that the operator can be able to take it to jobs under the most demanding field conditions. All Dunham & Morrow products come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Schonstedt engineers (Dunham & Morrow) have been in the industry for over 65 years with experience in designing and building magnetic sensing instrumentation. Dunham & Morrow apply this precision engineering approach to underground locating with their DML2000 series of magnetic locators.

The DML2000 series of magnetic locators are highly accurate, they’re economical and they operate up to 50 hours on four standard AA alkaline batteries. You’ll never be concerned about dead batteries in the middle of a search operation since these locators have built-in Low-Battery indicators that warn you when the battery-life drops below 8-10 hours which should be enough time for you to replace them.

These magnetic locators are a joy to operate with only two controls, a Sensitivity control and a combined on/off Volume control. Simply turn the unit on and adjust the volume, then set the sensitivity to a nominal setting of 2 and GO! Easily locate objects such as property markers, septic tank lid handles, manhole covers, well casings, valve boxes, cast iron pipes, steel drums, unexploded ordnance and much more, all the way down to ten feet deep.

Another great feature is that it is easy to understand what the DML2000 series is telling you. As you walk in your area of search, sweep the locator back and forth. The audio tone that the DML2000 series lets out will remain constant until you approach a target. Once you approach a target the pitch increases and then peaks when the locator’s tip is directly over said target. The sound is very different and makes it noticeable when you are above a detected target.

In order to emphasize the solid design of the DML product line you need to know that this magnetic locator can work in just about any season. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stops these locators from being able to easily complete their appointed tasks! The waterproof sensor housing and water-resistant electronics enclosure guarantees all-weather performance. DML’s innovative circuit design and component selection ensures perfect operation whether it’s -20 degrees Fahrenheit or 120 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

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