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Stonex INTERGEO 2022 Fair
At the international INTERGEO 2022 Fair in Essen (an international event in the surveying and mapping geographic information industry on October 18th - 20th), the Italian brand Stonex Positioning showed a strongly refreshed portfolio of its geodetic instruments, which would include our first looks at robotic total stations along with ground and mobile 3D scanners.

STONEX showcased their full line of updated Plus series RTK GNSS, new robot total stations and handheld laser scanner SLAM products. They also added to their surveying and mapping terminal product list with items such as receivers, handbooks and tablets, GIS collectors, and USVs (Unmanned Surface Vessel). Some other new additions that have caught many eyes include eSurvey’s solutions such as Beidou/GNSS navigation agricultural machinery automatic driving system and Beidou/GNSS excavator intelligent guidance system (machine control systems). Overall Stonex has unveiled a lot during this event attracting many new visitors to the brand.

Some of the new instruments seen at the event include:

  • Stonex XVS VSlam 3D Scanner
  • Stonex X100 3D Laser Scanner
  • Stonex X120Go SLAM Handheld Laser Scanner
  • Stonex R60 Android Total Station
  • Stonex R120 Robotic Total Station
  • Stonex R180 Robotic Total Station

The New Instruments That Have Our Attention


Stonex XVS VSlam 3D Scanner

Probably the most unusual premiere of this brand is the Stonex XVS VSlam 3D Scanner. Stonex Positioning promotes it as an optical scanner that is a combination of high-quality digital cameras, inertial measurement unit and SLAM algorithms. Together, these components form a very easy-to-use tool for generating 3D models and points with millimeter accuracy within a radius of about 40 meters. One of the key advantages of this 3D scanner is going to be the price which is looking like it is going to stand just around $10,000. This price will make this 3D scanner much more attractive as an alternative to a much more expensive laser scanner.

Stonex X100 3D Laser Scanner

When it comes to laser scanners for static measurements, the Stonex X100 3D Laser Scanner model is a novelty. The Stonex X100 is a small and compact terrestrial laser scanner that is quick and easy to use. Its multi-line lidar technology and ability to achieve complete coverage of the surrounding area enable it to calculate 3D models for a wide range of applications and scenarios, both outdoors and indoors. In a relatively compact housing, it houses a scanning lidar of up to 320,000 points / s and a distance of up to 120 meters with an accuracy of 6 mm. It also has a panoramic camera with an 18 MP matrix.

The Stonex X100 3D Laser Scanner is the perfect tool for quick topographic surveys, scans of building facades and data collection for floor plans; a quick 360° scan takes as few as 45 seconds. The built-in panoramic camera allows you to add true color to your scans.

You can find more official information about the Stonex X100 3D Laser Scanner and what is has to offer to users here.

Stonex X100 3D Laser Scanner
Stonex X120Go Slam

Stonex X120Go SLAM Handheld Laser Scanner

Speaking of lidar, Stonex also showed a new version of its handheld laser scanner. The Stonex X120Go SLAM Handheld Laser Scanner has a 360° rotating head, which can generate a 360°x270° point cloud coverage. The Stonex X120Go measures between 0.5 and 120 meters at 320,000 points / s with a relative accuracy of 6 mm.

Combined with the industry-level SLAM algorithm, it can obtain high-precision three-dimensional point cloud data of the surrounding environment without light and GPS – including the interiors of buildings or underneath mineshafts. The scanner is distinguished by its three 5MP cameras to generate a 200°FOV horizontal and 100°FOV vertical, capable of synchronously obtaining texture information and producing color point clouds and partial panoramic images.

You can find additional official specs and information about the Stonex X120Go SLAM Handheld Laser Scanner here.

Stonex Total Stations (Robotic and Android Smart)

This year’s Stonex launches aren’t just about the new line of laser scanners they have made available. The Italian manufacturer has also refreshed its line of total stations now including fully robotic total stations as well as an android smart total station. Among the robotics, the more basic model is to be the Stonex R120 Robotic Total Station equipped with classic mechanical servo motors rotating at a speed of 45 degrees per second. For the surveyors needing a top-of-the-line more demanding unit, the Stonex R180 Robotic Total Station version the more preferred option to go with. The Stonex R180 is distinguished by its much faster servo motors (180 degrees / s) and angular accuracy at the level of 1 ̋ or even 0.5 ̋. Both models are equipped with a color and touch display, a cellular modem and an Android operating system, which in the manufacturer’s opinion should significantly expand the possibilities of using these instruments in field practice.


The New Software That Has Our Attention

Stonex Cube Vision IOS Software

Stonex Cube Vision (ios RTK Software)

Stonex hasn’t just launched instruments, they have also launched a variety of new software which are catching eyes. Stonex has just shown off the Stonex Cube Vision.

The Stonex Cube Vision looks to be a new solution for professional surveying and GIS which has been designed and developed for the ios platform. (Apple iPhones, iPads, etc.)

If you look at the picture it shows the new Stonex Cube Vision Software running on the newest Apple iPad Pro (ios software) with a Stonex S580 GNSS receiver attached to it. This looks to be game changing for Stonex as this will be their first piece of software that is on the ios software. More information is still surfacing about this software and will be given to us as Stonex gets more confident with it.

Stonex has unveiled a lot of cool new products that are definitely going to benefit the industry. This is only a brief display of what is to come with Stonex. If you want to see what others are saying about the current products Stonex offers, click here.

What do you find the most interesting out of what was displayed above? Is there anything you look forward to trying out in particular? Comment down below and let us know.