In this video you will see how to register your account for GeoMax’s X-PAD 365 software. (This video is using the premium version of X-PAD 4.76)

Made to match your surveying needs

Are you a surveying professional looking for ease of use and flexibility? X-PAD Ultimate Survey is the best solution for all design survey, property survey, and layout needs. It combines data collection from all GeoMax instruments and provides you with complete features, data integration, scalability and the latest technology – covering all your needs in the field.

Compatible equipment

X-PAD Ultimate Survey ensures productivity in the field and provides perfect integration, even with data from different measuring instruments. This solution is compatible with the following devices:

TPSZoom Series
GNSSZenith Series
ControllerZenius + 3rd party Android devices
Laser distance metersRefer to the compatible devices
EchosondersRefer to the compatible devices

Software specifications

Running on Android devices, X-PAD Ultimate Survey brings the best technology directly to the field and into your hands.

Operating systemAndroid
Licencing systemEquipment ID
Services includedSHIELD and 1 Year X-PERT
Demo licenseAvailable
Educational licenseAvailable

Customise your X-PAD Ultimate Survey solution

X-PAD Ultimate Survey has the right modules and language for construction surveyors. Start your set-up with the main modules and add additional options to customize your solutions to your needs.

The Ultimate solution in the field X-PAD Ultimate is a tailored, flexible, modular, ideal, customised software for high end topographic tasks, such as measure, stake-out, cadastral, BIM check and control, roading, mapping, bathymetry and GIS. Running on AndroidTM, it brings the best technologies to topography.

X-PAD Ultimate ensures productivity in the field and provides perfect integration between measuring instruments. Available in two versions, one dedicated to the professional surveyors and one dedicated to construction companies, X-PAD Ultimate offers to both a specific working environment and a set of dedicated features.

X-PAD Ultimate is the most advanced field software solution for all users that are
looking for a tool that grants productivity, easiness of use, scalability and full control
of the data.
Running on Android devices, X-PAD Ultimate brings the best technology directly to the field and on your hand: a full 3D viewer and CAD system to view and edit the drawings, integration of your data with all map types and support of the camera for augmented reality. Direct data exchange with a cloud platform for direct connection between field and office, the use of all sensors for a better experience in the field, voice commands to control the operations without the use of the hands are the key features to make your work efficient.

With X-PAD Ultimate you can be sure that TPS and GNSS products and many other sensors are fully integrated in your application workflow. It is available in two tailored versions: X-PAD Ultimate Survey for surveyors and X-PAD Ultimate Build for construction professionals.

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